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Three Things A Man Must Do to Prepare in the Next Year

June 5, 2016

There is a war coming. The animals are going to attack you. This is serious. You cannot stop it coming.

Instead, you must prepare. At the very least, do the three things below.

These three things every non-black, non-Muslim, Western civilized man needs to do within the next year–meaning the next twelve months—to prepare. To protect himself and his loved ones. To, in short, survive:

1. Seriously weight train: squats, deadlifts, and bench presses at the very least, 3x a week. You need to add at least 60 lbs to your max on each in the next 12 months; hopefully, you can add 100.

Strength will save you if you’re sucker-attacked. The weak will get culled from the strong. Add sprints, pullups, others if you can. 3x a week. no exceptions. You need to be stronger.

2. Join a combat sport. One where you get hit hard and often at least once a week. Boxing or (serious) kickboxing or full-impact MMA. Not merely wrestling or jiu-jitsu—I mean someone will punch you in the nose weekly. Where you bleed weekly.

(And none of those female-esque “boxing” classes where they punch bags and do Tae-Bo in midair but never get hit. Don’t be a fag.)

Why? Simple: people who are unused to being hit will freeze, like a deer in the headlights. Because you’re not used to it.

But if you’re in practice getting hit and responding in kind, you will not freeze if someone smacks you—and the first few seconds of an attack determine your survival. If you punch back twice as hard, the beating will stop, and the animals will stop their swarm. Remember: Hyenas attack wounded zebras, not angry lions.

3. Get a gun license, a gun, and practice. Once a month at least. Two hours at least. One gun, make it legal, make it legit, and practice, practice, practice. Get concealed carry permit if you can, and always carry. Take courses, clean it, and buy ammo. Even a tiny .22 handgun is worth it if you know it, own it, and use it regularly; experience with it will outweigh some dindu, some Aztec, or some muzzie with a bigger gun they can’t aim properly. Practice lethality; better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6 (otherwise known as the Zimmerman Rule).