Three Things A Man Must Do to Prepare in the Next Year

There is a war coming. The animals are going to attack you. This is serious. You cannot stop it coming.

Instead, you must prepare. At the very least, do the three things below.

These three things every non-black, non-Muslim, Western civilized man needs to do within the next year–meaning the next twelve months—to prepare. To protect himself and his loved ones. To, in short, survive:

1. Seriously weight train: squats, deadlifts, and bench presses at the very least, 3x a week. You need to add at least 60 lbs to your max on each in the next 12 months; hopefully, you can add 100.

Strength will save you if you’re sucker-attacked. The weak will get culled from the strong. Add sprints, pullups, others if you can. 3x a week. no exceptions. You need to be stronger.

2. Join a combat sport. One where you get hit hard and often at least once a week. Boxing or (serious) kickboxing or full-impact MMA. Not merely wrestling or jiu-jitsu—I mean someone will punch you in the nose weekly. Where you bleed weekly.

(And none of those female-esque “boxing” classes where they punch bags and do Tae-Bo in midair but never get hit. Don’t be a fag.)

Why? Simple: people who are unused to being hit will freeze, like a deer in the headlights. Because you’re not used to it.

But if you’re in practice getting hit and responding in kind, you will not freeze if someone smacks you—and the first few seconds of an attack determine your survival. If you punch back twice as hard, the beating will stop, and the animals will stop their swarm. Remember: Hyenas attack wounded zebras, not angry lions.

3. Get a gun license, a gun, and practice. Once a month at least. Two hours at least. One gun, make it legal, make it legit, and practice, practice, practice. Get concealed carry permit if you can, and always carry. Take courses, clean it, and buy ammo. Even a tiny .22 handgun is worth it if you know it, own it, and use it regularly; experience with it will outweigh some dindu, some Aztec, or some muzzie with a bigger gun they can’t aim properly. Practice lethality; better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6 (otherwise known as the Zimmerman Rule).



9 Responses to “Three Things A Man Must Do to Prepare in the Next Year”

  1. SteveRogers42 Says:

    Well done, sir.

  2. Rambo John Says:

    This guy talks as if the ISIL fighters (hidden among refugees) with almost a decade of combat experience (fighting Americans, Russians, etc. etc.) are going to be challenged with some “squats and a .22”

    Come on man….. these people are used to being hit by 2000 lb bombs from the sky (for god knows how many years now).

    Call me when you get your hands on a couple of M1 Abrams and some incendiaries. Until then there’s always Canada.

    • whorefinder Says:

      Um, no shithead. This is about dealing with the societal breakdown and the rapid advance of black of brown criminals that are increasing as a result.

      Imagine being in NYC or Detroit in 1960. Concealed carry ahead of time would have saved you a lot of trouble once the Obama’s-sons started rampaging—enough to keep you alive.

      Social breakdown is happening, and the war will be racial and ethnic, as it always is.

  3. SteveRogers42 Says:

    Hey, WF, as things continue to get real, I think you would be doing a great service if you’d reprint and expand the self defense advice you presented on the CH site. Things like guarding your head when walking thru a hostile crowd were GOLD, and one wouldn’t get that kind of tip in a conventional martial arts class. Things like the gang-up blind-side assaults on Trump supporters in San Jose require some sort of realistic counter-attack training, and your techniques are a significant step in the right direction. Maybe touch on improvised weapons — what do you think about homemade sap gloves, for instance?

    If you cross-posted on sites like James La Fond, Jack Donovan, etc., you might reach a lot of people that need to prepare, whether they know it or not.

    Anyway, just a thought. Keep up the good work!

  4. jOHN MOSBY Says:

    Gun, Gun, Gun.
    Knife-fu. Learn it.
    Don’t look or act like food , you will get et.

  5. jOHN MOSBY Says:

    Social breakdown is happening, and the war will be racial and ethnic, as it always is.

  6. Lugash Says:

    The war’s already here.

    On the physical side it’s been a low intensity guerilla war since the 60s, with flare ups into medium intensity rioting. I don’t think high intensity open conflict is in the cards, but you should still be prepared as in the article. Weapons and training are important, but not exposing yourself to dindu predators and staying healthy are just as important.

    The psychological and economic parts of this war are just as important.

    Anyone who’s visiting Alt-Right blogs is probably prepared psychologically. Trying to sway your family and friends who are open to our views is important. The small percentage of men respond to reason should be given facts and articles for our side. For the rest of men and women who aren’t pozzed beyond redemption, commenting about how white men are portrayed in TV commercials is about the only effective device I’ve found.

    For our enemies: mocking, gaslighting, bullying and abuse.

    Financially, don’t support our enemies. Kill off your real Fagbook, Twitter and Google accounts(keep the troll accounts for fun though). Don’t shop at Amazon if possible. If you work for a global corporation, take everything you can and give nothing in return. Dick with the HR department, lie to the spreadsheet masturbating MBAs, sandbag the subcontinentals that you’re being replaced with. Make allies with people on our side, then GTFO and work on your own.

  7. SFC Ton Says:

    60 pounds? No way in hell will my sqaut break 900 in the next 12 months. My neck is still wrecked from breaking into the 800’s

    Most guys will never add 60 pounds because they listen to bad advice like train the big lifts 3 times a week

    If you want to get strong you have to train like strength athletes

  8. GCM Says:

    There’s no war coming.

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