Trump Has Lost My Faith By Nominating Mike Pence

I’ve lost faith in Donald Trump’s candidacy because of his nomination of Mike Pence as VP.

Pence is a cuck.

So either Trump isn’t serious about his promises on immigration, border control, and crime….


Trump is serious, but seriously deluded, and when he tries to implement his policies by deporting immigrants and closing the border…


A “lone assassin” will kill Trump, Pence takes over, announces that “hate never wins”, and quietly scuttle all of Trump’s policies. And then amnesties 20 million Mexican and Syrian “refugees”, at his masters’ demand.

I’ve said for a while that Trump’s VP had to be assassination insurance. Pence is the opposite.

I’ve lost faith. Time to move to the mountains.

2 Responses to “Trump Has Lost My Faith By Nominating Mike Pence”

  1. Rambo John Says:

    I knew that Hillary will be the next POTUS when the FBI recommended no charges be pressed for her treason. I wanted to cry but my tears cure cancer so….

  2. How I Came Back to President Trump After Pence | Whores of the Internet Says:

    […] I lost my faith in President Trump after he picked Cuck Pence as VP. […]

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