Lester Holt, House Negro, and Hillary Clinton conspired to literally rig the debate against President Trump. Watch this short video and see if you don’t agree.

2 Responses to “#RiggedDebate”

  1. Canadian Friend Says:

    Towards the end of the debate between every short sentence she was staring down at her notes…or was there an Ipad there or something?

    I wish I had recorded the damn thing, to take a look again… I would say in the last 15 minutes maybe? she was doing it a lot as if she was reading from something like an Ipad or smart phone.

    she was not doing that earlier in the debate…

    I understand sometimes when we speak to gather or toughts or to better focus we stare at something, I do it a lot, but not as much as her and since she was often staring righ at where an ipad or cell phone would be on her podium, I think it is weird.

    • whorefinder Says:

      I think the note thing is a dead end. Both candidates were allowed to take notes as to what their opponent was saying, it’s a common practice. So what she was looking at was plausibly her own notes she had just written.

      Dick Cheney and John Edwards debated back in 2004. I noted then how Cheney artfully used his note taking not only to record his thoughts on Edward’s nonsense, but also to distract—he made sure the TV audience saw the exaggerated way he was taking notes, which distracted viewers from what Edwards was prattling on about.

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