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“They Live” and The Current Year

October 31, 2016

Just got finished re-watching They Live as part of my Halloween.

It is so scary how that movie predicted so much of what is going on today: union jobs disappearing while investors get raises, families disintegrating, consumerism/gadgetry pushed, bankers being protected,and a small cabal of wealthy elite who blend in with humans but secretly look grotesque underneath and who are out to enslave mankind. They own law enforcement and the media, and put out crap 24/7 to lull the masses into a false complacency. And they have their own human informers who have turned on their own race(!) in return for wealth and power.

Heck, Carpenter even has the resistance movement be based out of Christian church (!), and the church members shown to be the good guys through and through (the Bible quoting blind priest is shown to be a heroic martyr! to truth!).

About the only part that doesn’t jive with reality is that one of the “hidden” messages turns out to be “marry and reproduce.” The message actually should have been “fornicate and abort.”

Carpenter ostensibly made the film to criticize “Reaganomics” but the reality is that it tears modern (((globalism))) a new one.

Put the glasses on.

Voted Early Today for President Trump

October 27, 2016

Voted early today. #MAGA all the way down. When the guy asked me to put my completed ballot in the slot, I followed it up with my dick and fapped till I sealed the opening shut while wearing my “Make America Great Hat” and singing “Do You Hear The People Sing?” from Les Miserables:

Deplorables unite!


Jill Stein, Green Party Candidate, Endorses Donald Trump

October 20, 2016

The dominos are falling into place. Everyone NOT a psychotic is waking up to the fact that Donald Trump is the peace candidate, and Hillary is the warmonger:


President Trump, Make Her Pass Out

October 19, 2016

President Trump,

I have predicted that you will make Hillary pass out tonight, live, on national TV.

I believe you can do so by overloading her amygdalae with so much negative information about her corruption, her failures, her corrupt cronies, and her evil acts that all the Parkinson’s medication and alcoholic haze in the world won’t be able to protect her amygdalae from the onslaught.

I hope I am right. Display for the entire world that she does not possess the stamina or strength to be president. I do not wish her injured, just for you to demonstrate, live, without the ability of the corporate media to edit it, how she is literally  too weak, both physically and mentally, to handle the stresses of the presidency.

Drain the Swamp, Lock Her Up, and MAGA, Mr. President.



James O’Keefe Proves the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton Both Commit Vote Fraud and Cause Physical Violence at Trump Rallies

October 19, 2016

Journolist Lives!: Proof that Corporate Media Colludes With the Left

October 17, 2016


Apparently, the original link posted–to a website called –“mysteriously” caused at least one person clicking on it to have their computer “go blank” for about twenty seconds and then “revert to normal.” AKA Clinton and FBI installing spyware to monitor their enemies.

I’ve linked to a different article reporting the same thing, this time to the cucks at (Hi Piggy! Enjoying sucking Soros-and-Koch-Bros. ass?).

MAGA and be careful out there, brothers.

The Left Is Now Bombing American Political Organizations

October 16, 2016

The Left is now bombing American political organizations.

And where is the KGB, ahem, FBI?

Probably investigating Trump supporters and ignoring any other suspects.

Hillary’s Parkinson’s Disease/Seizures and President Trump’s Plans

October 12, 2016

It’s now nearly conclusive that Hillary has severe Parkinson’s Disease (as well as alcoholism) and the corporate media is covering it up. Watch these two videos:


Four points going forward.

1. It’s clear Trump is reading Heartiste, Return of Kings, Vox Day, and other major alt-right sites. He’s always had a good finger on the pulse of what people are thinking, even at 70-years-old; hence his hit TV show, his 4-decade celebrity status, and his seizing of the national question in this year’s presidential run.He chose a Breitbart editor as his campaign guy, for crying out loud.

2. Combine that with the fact that, as a top-level negotiator, he knows that getting the medical history, phobias, fears, etc. of your opponent pays off in spades—especially if you use it correctly. Witness Putin recently “accidentally” letting his dog come in the room when Merkel was visiting—because Merkel has a phobia of dogs. Big photo op of Putin laughing and sitting comfortably with the dog there while Merkel looks like she’s about to shit a brick.

3. Furthermore, Trump has had YEARS of close study of the Clintons as members of his golf club and as people he’s donated to and had around at his weddings. They probably didn’t think he was studying them—-but he was.

4. Finally, Trump understands timing is everything. He knows how to sit on an idea or a deal until the timing is right—how not to jump the gun to blow a deal, and how to unleash heck at just the right moments. He’s a reality TV star, for crying out loud; he knows the beats a dramatic audience loves. He knew the perfect time to release the Clinton Accuser’s Press Conference—-1hr before a major debate, right after Hillary had made sex scandals her focus. Boom. Hillary loses the debate.

So it’s quite clear to me, from all these points, that Trump (1) knows full well Hillary has severe Parkinson’s and a drinking problem; and (2) knows the media will cover up and sweep aside ANY hint of it as fast as they can before election day. Witness how her 9/11 collapse was swept under the carpet so quickly.

So I think Trump plans to make her stroke out at the third debate, triggering her through verbal pressure to have such a severe Parkinson’s disease response as to pass out (per her 9/11 collapse):

Trump wants it live, on national TV, 80 million people watching, no chance for the news to delete or hide. It’ll be the epic sum up/completion of his planned dramatic arc of his debate performances—the first underwhelming, the strong and winning, and finally dominant and crushing.

(If not, he will get his guys to force her to stroke out repeatedly during the final week of the campaign so much so the media has to either admit it’s happening or else refuse to roll footage of her that final week—-a win for Trump either way.)

Hillary has a Seizure, and NBC Covers it up

October 12, 2016

Watch the video, made by a medical doctor with thirty years experience.

Spread the word. And the video.

h/t: The Dark Lords known as Heartiste

How I Came Back to President Trump After Pence

October 12, 2016

I lost my faith in President Trump after he picked Cuck Pence as VP.

But I came back to him.


A number of reasons. First, Trump is the first major candidate in twenty-five years to not be in the pocket of globalists (Ross Perot being the last); that alone would make me pull the lever for him. Second, Trump knows the Left and the Cucks are going to literally be gunning for him; I believe he’s smart enough to have taken all precautions (with his own hand-picked, personal security) to prevent the assassination attempts we know are being attempted and will be attempted. Third, Pence is a follower; give him a bad master (Soros, Buffet, Koch) and he’ll scream open borders; give him a good master (Trump), and he’ll dutifully obey and support him—as he did masterfully in the VP debate.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that Trump has the downsides of Pence taken care of. So long as Trump doesn’t get killed by the Left/Cucks, he’ll keep Pence in a position to serve hum well. Trump hires good people.

MAGA, brothers.