How I Came Back to President Trump After Pence

I lost my faith in President Trump after he picked Cuck Pence as VP.

But I came back to him.


A number of reasons. First, Trump is the first major candidate in twenty-five years to not be in the pocket of globalists (Ross Perot being the last); that alone would make me pull the lever for him. Second, Trump knows the Left and the Cucks are going to literally be gunning for him; I believe he’s smart enough to have taken all precautions (with his own hand-picked, personal security) to prevent the assassination attempts we know are being attempted and will be attempted. Third, Pence is a follower; give him a bad master (Soros, Buffet, Koch) and he’ll scream open borders; give him a good master (Trump), and he’ll dutifully obey and support him—as he did masterfully in the VP debate.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that Trump has the downsides of Pence taken care of. So long as Trump doesn’t get killed by the Left/Cucks, he’ll keep Pence in a position to serve hum well. Trump hires good people.

MAGA, brothers.

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