Journolist Lives!: Proof that Corporate Media Colludes With the Left


Apparently, the original link posted–to a website called –“mysteriously” caused at least one person clicking on it to have their computer “go blank” for about twenty seconds and then “revert to normal.” AKA Clinton and FBI installing spyware to monitor their enemies.

I’ve linked to a different article reporting the same thing, this time to the cucks at (Hi Piggy! Enjoying sucking Soros-and-Koch-Bros. ass?).

MAGA and be careful out there, brothers.

3 Responses to “Journolist Lives!: Proof that Corporate Media Colludes With the Left”

  1. Canadian Friend Says:

    Clicked on the link, was on lifezette for 10 seconds, then my screen went black – completely black- everything was gone, I had no control of my laptop for about 20 seconds…then everything returned to “””normal”””

    Obviously the Clinton people are installing spyware and/or malware in the computers of everyone who visits those sites.

    All day I have seen new information that clearly indicates the Democrats are criminals.

    They blocked Julian Assange’s internet connection, that in itself clearly indicates the democrats have things to hide, blocking Assange is like the democrats ( including Obama ) saying; ” yes we are guilty and we have done a lot of horrible things we don’t want you to know about ”

    This is getting crazier everyday.

    I think there will be assassinations in the coming weeks.

    The democrats have too much to lose, they will start eliminating more people, you know like in bench press “accidents” or bullet to the back of the head ruled ” suicide”

    this is getting seriously crazy, and crazilly serious. ( is crazilly a word? )

  2. Canadian Friend Says:

    And now for about 20 seconds yahoo mail was saying ; ” we are experiencing technical difficulties” and I could not access it…

    yes of course…what they mean is that they are not done installing spyware and malware on my laptop…or downloading all my emails…

    they need to know if I am someone important or just a lurker… they need to read the entire content of my laptop and my emails.

    Earlier today I saw that in those leaked emails democrats also admit to doctoring numbers on global warming to better convince people…

    They will try to assassinate Trump, I hope he has excellent security

    This getting crazier everyday…

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