President Trump, Make Her Pass Out

President Trump,

I have predicted that you will make Hillary pass out tonight, live, on national TV.

I believe you can do so by overloading her amygdalae with so much negative information about her corruption, her failures, her corrupt cronies, and her evil acts that all the Parkinson’s medication and alcoholic haze in the world won’t be able to protect her amygdalae from the onslaught.

I hope I am right. Display for the entire world that she does not possess the stamina or strength to be president. I do not wish her injured, just for you to demonstrate, live, without the ability of the corporate media to edit it, how she is literally  too weak, both physically and mentally, to handle the stresses of the presidency.

Drain the Swamp, Lock Her Up, and MAGA, Mr. President.



3 Responses to “President Trump, Make Her Pass Out”

  1. Grunt Gut Says:

    What is MAGA? Seems to be a new manosphere term going around. “Manup And Gird Alpha”? Heh…

    If it opens the eyes of at least one Hillary supporter, I hope she collapses as well.

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