Jill Stein, Green Party Candidate, Endorses Donald Trump

The dominos are falling into place. Everyone NOT a psychotic is waking up to the fact that Donald Trump is the peace candidate, and Hillary is the warmonger:


2 Responses to “Jill Stein, Green Party Candidate, Endorses Donald Trump”

  1. Canadian Friend Says:

    I started seing this new woman about 2 weeks ago.
    She hated Trump, she gets her information form main stream 6 o’clock news.

    I educated her on a few facts on Trump and on Hillary. I told her things she never ever heard about ( wikileaks etc )

    She quickly realized the main stream media was lying to protect Hillary and to bash Trump.

    She still does not like Trump very much but now she is aware of all the despicable things going with Hillary and her entourage.

    She does not like HIllary so much now.

    Of course we are both Canadians, we can not vote in the USA. But it is interesting to see how people who watch main stream media news are all brainwashed into hating Trump and into liking Hillary.

    • whorefinder Says:

      I’ve found the hardest part of explaining reality to unWoke folks is that they start screaming, “Conspiracy Theorist!” It’s hard to push past that and get them to see the corporate media has a a vested interest in the Left-Globalists being in control and are willing to blatantly lie and cover up the truth.

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