“They Live” and The Current Year

Just got finished re-watching They Live as part of my Halloween.

It is so scary how that movie predicted so much of what is going on today: union jobs disappearing while investors get raises, families disintegrating, consumerism/gadgetry pushed, bankers being protected,and a small cabal of wealthy elite who blend in with humans but secretly look grotesque underneath and who are out to enslave mankind. They own law enforcement and the media, and put out crap 24/7 to lull the masses into a false complacency. And they have their own human informers who have turned on their own race(!) in return for wealth and power.

Heck, Carpenter even has the resistance movement be based out of Christian church (!), and the church members shown to be the good guys through and through (the Bible quoting blind priest is shown to be a heroic martyr! to truth!).

About the only part that doesn’t jive with reality is that one of the “hidden” messages turns out to be “marry and reproduce.” The message actually should have been “fornicate and abort.”

Carpenter ostensibly made the film to criticize “Reaganomics” but the reality is that it tears modern (((globalism))) a new one.

Put the glasses on.

2 Responses to ““They Live” and The Current Year”

  1. Lucius Somesuch Says:

    Carpenter’s career sure took a quick nosedive after the enormous success of Halloween, The Fog, and Escape from New York: “The Thing”, which also deals in people who are not what they seem, made $11 million boxoffice on a $12 million investment, which isn’t happy of course but hardly a Heaven’s Gate level bomb.

    I think Carpenter is rather anti-religious (as witness the gnostic Prince of Darkness or the Falwell-baiting in Escape from LA), which blunts some of his insights; and of course he pioneered the Survivor Girl meme and featured some diversity lite in his 80s films (I haven’t kept up past his awful Village of the Damned remake, which feels like the studio sent Edward Scissorhands into the editing room to muck it up). But his command of classical widescreen composition is to die for, and his apocalyptic insights remain thrilling to view and also highly memeable for exercises like troll hunting at the Chateau.

    Wrong Side is one of those Things rape!

  2. Nikolai Vladivostok Says:

    “Marry and reproduce,” that stuck out like a dog’s balls to me, too. All the hidden messages in the real world say, marry a reformed party girl once she’s fat and past reproductive age and then raise the spawn of a more attractive man.
    I also enjoyed the fight as the other man refuses to put on the glasses that make the aliens visible. Reminds me of the churchmen who refused to look in Galileo’s telescope to see the moon mountains he insisted were there.

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