Did Hillary Clinton just try to murder both Donald Trump and her own Vice Presidential pick,Tim Kaine?

Tonight, in Reno, Nevada, a murderous psychopath tried to kill President Trump.

This is the third major assassination attempt against Trump that we know about.

The first was an attempted killer in Ohio who jumped the fence at a Trump rally and went for President Trump on stage:


The second was by a man who tried to sneak into Trump Tower while armed—and now the corporate media claim he was “just drunk”. (lol).

And now this. After we know that Hillary hires people to start fights and incite violence at Trump rallies:

Meanwhile, also occurring tonight, Hillary’s own VP-pick, Tim Kaine, had his motorcade hit by a car going at full speed.

The Tim Kaine bus “accident” occurring today  was less than two days after he went on the Alan Colmes radio show and said the FBI’s Comey’s isn’t trying to influence the election and that he doesn’t question Comey’s integrity.

Then today, Kaine’s tour bus “accidentally” gets plowed by a police car going full speed. Kaine was in a car in the front of the bus, not in the bus itself–which itself is weird, did he have prior knowledge of the “accident?”

Reminder: Tim Kaine was selected by Hillary in 2015 (yes, 2015, not 2016)—a full year before long before she officially announced him and went through a Kabuki process for  VP. We now know all other potential VP picks by Hillary were just a dog-and-pony show.

Kaine was the DNC chair who stepped aside for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to take over. Wasserman-Schulz, who was Hillary’s former campaign manager, and who fixed the primaries for Hillary’s win over Sanders.

Kaine’s reward for stepping aside as DNC chair was the VP slot. Kaine was thus in a position of power and quite probably knows a ton of dirt on Hillary, given his positions as VP pick and DNC chair. HOWEVER,when Kaine gave the interview to Colmes in the last forty-eight  hours,  he vouched for Comey being above-board. Meanwhile, Hillary has been claiming the opposite–that Comey’s investigation is a pure political maneuver.

In other words, Kaine strongly insinuated that the FBI and Comey are right and Hillary is a crook who should go to jail–contrary to what Hillary has said-–and thus the VP candidate tossed his own running mate/ boss right under the bus.

Kaine thus became a potential enemy of Hillary Clinton. And then, only a few days later, a car tried to crash into his tour bus.


Is Hillary Clinton now on a desperate, power-mad rampage to murder anyone who opposes her?


7 Responses to “Did Hillary Clinton just try to murder both Donald Trump and her own Vice Presidential pick,Tim Kaine?”

  1. Nikolai Vladivostok Says:

    It’s a long shot. The guy arrested at the Trump rally turned out not to have a gun. A car’s not going to do too much damage to a bus. The Clintons are hopelessly corrupt but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
    Anyway, we can rule out CIA involvement. They would have killed everyone in the area except the one person they were targeting.

    • whorefinder Says:

      Guy who tried to kill Trump is on Wikileaks dumps, and was some kind of aeropsace industry worker (re: military-industrial complex)

      A car running at full speed into the side of a bus would really hurt it at the point of impact—Kaine would normally be in the back by the side, where he could have been injured/killed.

      WAY too much coincidence with all this.

      • Nikolai Vladivostok Says:

        It seems he’s on a mailing list of around 1800 people who bought a copy of The Next Decade by George Friedman.

        • whorefinder Says:

          The questions mount:

          Why does Wikileaks have this?
          Who was keeping this information?
          Why would he rush Trump?
          Who put him up to it?
          Why would a supposed military-industrial complex white-collar worker who allegedly is a #NeverTrumper suddenly go rogue wanna-be tough guy??

        • whorefinder Says:

          And what a coincidence that the book he bought is just all about the presidency and it’s “evolution” over the next decade.

          Such a guy seems primed to be excitable regarding presidential candidates.

          • Nikolai Vladivostok Says:

            Maybe. I’m thinking the book was sold through CAP because the author’s company is one of the many on the intelligence/military industrial teat. The bloke may just be a plant stirring up trouble to make Trump supporters look violent. Apparently he had an anti-Trump sign.

            • whorefinder Says:

              after Project Veritas exposed Hillary’s campaign as paying for violence at Trump rallies, it’s not too hard to think someone like this guy could’ve been primed by Bob Creamer and his filth to take a shot at attacking Trump. Far too coincidental that he’s on Wikileaks and a military/industrial guy and he’s pulling this a few days before the election.

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