FBI, James Comey Clarify to Those Confused That Yes, They Are Merely The Secret Police

The FBI and James Comey have now re-emphasized their status as merely the American version of the Cheka/KGB/Stasi/Frumentarii/610 Office/Gestapo/etc. James Comey is Heinrich Himmler, or one of the equivalents.

It’s like they just want people to be sure they’re nothing but the secret police, the servants  of those in power, and nothing more. Lapdogs, stooges, mooks, the whole lot of them.

Appropriately, when Congress first created the FBI, they feared that they were creating a secret police force.

And they did.

This all relates to my going dark off the internet. I’ll write my final post soon enough explaining, but I’m sure many of you can see the writing on the wall as to why I am doing it.

And going forward, even if he is your own brother, or your best friend, never trust an FBI agent.

6 Responses to “FBI, James Comey Clarify to Those Confused That Yes, They Are Merely The Secret Police”

  1. Canadian Friend Says:

    When I heard that Comey/the FBI – for a second time – said Hillary is cleared, she is clean, I realized that the ONLY reason Comey had re-opened the inquiry was to have a reason to say AGAIN on the propaganda arm – the main stream media – that Hillary is lean, she is not guilty.

    It was probably Hillary’s idea, and it was all staged, all planned, they did not re-open the inquiry because of new evidence or because of pressure on Comey, they did it only – and I mean ONLY – for the sole purpose of helping Hillary get elected.

    ALl they wanted was draw attention to her again and once millions of people were paying attention re-declare she is clean as a whistle
    …which I know she is not.

    Comey should be in jail with most democrats and most journalists.

    Those people are pure evil.

  2. Canadian Friend Says:

    As silly as this is, it makes me think of when your girlfriend asks you to check for a second time that you really locked the front door, because she is so worried you will get while you are away for the weekend… and do it, and then she is satisfied.

    Hillary or Podesta or whoever is the evil brain said they should make Comey check twice if Hillary is clean and that would have the psychological effect on people that Hillary has to be clean, she MUST be innocent because they checked twice – just like with my front door thing.

    now millions of people are satisfied ; Hillary is clean, the FBI checked not once but twice.

    Liberals are so devious, crooked, evil, they are capable of anything.

    for everything liberals are caught red handed doing, we know there are things ten times more devious they have not been caught doing yet.

    Comey is a criminal.

    Comey is paid by the democrats to do all sorts of evil things.

    Comey is not scum, he is the mold that grows on scum.

    There was no re-opening of any enquiry, this was all fake, it was all staged, Comey was paid to do that fake thing, it was ONLY to tell millions of gullible idiots a second time that Hillary is clean.

    I still believe Trump will win.

    I am appalled by what Comey and the liberals who pay him with brown enveloppes full of cash have done, but I have not lost hope.

    Trump will win and he will win BIG.

  3. JironGhrad Says:

    Don’t forget, Hoover (J. Edgar) was a crossdresser. I don’t doubt that there were a number of influences toward secret police-dom as a result.

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