8 Responses to “TRUMP WINS!”

  1. Grunt Gut Says:

    Political Rape. I am triggered.

  2. Nikolai Vladivostok Says:

    I was ready to go dark, too. Haven’t posted for ages. I just assumed that Hillary would be the end of free speech and we’d all be officially doxxed. But now, I’m back.

  3. Canadian Friend Says:

    Democrat rape!!!…..liberal rape!!!…leftist rape!!!….progressive rape!!!….marxist rape!!!…communist rape!!!…socialist rape!!!…multiculturalist rape!!!…anti-white-racist rape!!!…illegal-alien rape!!!…Clinton rape!!!…Tim Kaine rape!!!…mainstream media rape!!!…man-hating-feminist rape!!!

    I am doing a happy dance rape !!!

  4. Canadian Friend Says:

    The Spirit Within rape !!!


  5. Conspirator Says:

    I’ve heard they are literally setting up counseling on college campuses for SJW’s that have been triggered by ‘der Trumpenreich’.

  6. Johnny Says:


  7. Lucius Somesuch Says:


    Has it been a whole week already? I don’t think I’ve caught up on my sleep yet.

    Trumpenreich rape!

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