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Anti-Trump Rally on Saturday: “Snowflake” is Triggering The Left Something Massive

January 22, 2017

Went to the aftermath of a rally in a major city. Signs strewn everywhere (litter much, snowflakes?) much uncleverness in them (the DNC and other astroturf groups clearly involved in crafting many of their banal messages).

All I can say of them is that the term “snowflake” is driving the Left nuts. I saw many signs trying to either deny their snowflakeness (“I AM NOT A SNOWFLAKE I AM A STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN!”) or else trying to “own” their snowflakeness in a sad attempt to hide their pain (NO ONE FEARS A SNOWFLAKE TILL IT CAUSES AN AVALANCHE!”).

It’s so clearly obvious that the term “snowflake” is driving them nuts as true and hurtful that I’m adding it to my off-line dialogue. Just going to mention it in casual conversation (“Did you see all those precious snowflakes flipping out this weekend?”) to see how many I can trigger.

And you should, too.