As If You Needed More of a Reason to Prepare for Battle

‘Leftist Fight Club’ trains college students to fight Republicans.

The Left is coming for you. Leftist are nothing more than cowardly, violent thugs. And the FBI works for the Deep State, and is more interested in arresting you than stopping them from attacking you (though pray Trump changes them into fighting for Americans rather than being the Deep State’s secret police).

You are in charge of your own self-defense and those of your loved ones now. The Left wants you dead. Plan accordingly:

Start lifting, Mark Rippetoe Starting Strength style. Make yourself strong enough to take an attack and be able to recover quickly–and scare them off from trying a follow up.

Join a boxing gym or MMA gym and get pummeled weekly—so you don’t freeze when they do come from you, and so you train yourself to react by punching back, twice as hard.

In-Group with people into defensive units. Survivalist groups, anti-Communist groups, pro-Trump groups, un-cucked Christian groups, and white ethnic pride groups (e.g. Irish-American Clubs, Italian-American clubs) are to be scouted and joined. If at any point you suspect cuckery or infiltration by the Left/Feds into your group, either immediately expel those infiltrators by any means necessary, or get out of the group; they will be useless come the Leftist attacks.

And make it your mission to get at least one close male friend/relative woke in the next year. Steve Sailer, Vox Day, Heartiste, and RooshV are great places to send them for their Red Pill conversion.

MAGA and be safe, brothers.

2 Responses to “As If You Needed More of a Reason to Prepare for Battle”

  1. becomingthemonolith Says:

    If you can get guns, get them and learn to use them. The only thing I’d add.

  2. Sentient Says:

    Come back to the Chateau… Rape not the same đŸ˜¢

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