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Paige from the WWE, aka Saraya-Jade Bevi, is a nigger-fucking mudshark whore–i.e. she does bestiality

March 26, 2017

Paige from the WWE has sex with sub-humans, aka niggers, aka black guys, aka blacks.

nigger fucker1.jpg

Piece of shit Paige, aka Saraya-Jade Bevi, the mudshark whore, unworthy of love or care

Always assume, boys, that every woman you meet is a piece of trash nigger fucker and a mudshark and worthless. Not worth anything more than cum on her face and a quick exit the next morning.

Protect yourself.

Remember, if a “woman” has ever had sex with, blown, kissed, or gone on a date with a nigger, she is trash and unworthy of anything other than a “See-ya, c-ya, bitch.” That’s the only way to protect yourself. Women are trash until they prove otherwise.

Repeat: Paige, aka Saraya-Jade Bevi, from WWE sleeps with niggers and is a nigger-fucker. Worthless, subhuman trash.

More pictures of nigger-fucker worthless trash Saraya-Jade Bevi, aka wrestler Paige:

Why the FBI is just the Secret Police, Part 9967

March 6, 2017

Wonder why I’m leaving the Interwebs? Wonder why I say never trust the FBI?

Here’s why.

The FBI director who tried to make Hillary Clinton president by publicly exonerating her of the crimes she committed is now blocking efforts to uncover just what Obama did to Trump and when he did them.

I have no idea why President Trump made a public show of faith and trust in that snake Comey. Comey has been a pawn for the Powers That Be since at least last July, probably from the beginning of his career. Comey deliberately worked to cover up for Hillary Clinton to get her elected, and now he’s covering up for Obama’s crimes.

Comey should become a watchword for snake in English.