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Middle Eastern-American Man Racistly Attacks White People, Blames Them For All The World’s Problems

June 13, 2017

It’s almost like, thanks to Trump, Jews like Isaac Chotiner are ripping the mask of niceness off themselves and openly declaring war on whites.

Isaac Chotiner, Middle Eastern-American and hateful racist against European-Americans.

What is truly surprising is how openly contemptuous this Middle Eastern-American is of the race that built America—you know, the nation he lives in and works in, and (presumably) is a citizen of. He fundamentally hates European-Americans.

This is would be like an African migrating to Japan to escape persecution for witchcraft, and the second-or third-generation of his descendants¬† declaring that the Japanese are the cause of all the world’s problems, have a horrible culture, are racist-beyond-redemption, and need to be trampled upon.

Are Jewish people really this incapable of learning from the millions of mistakes Jews have made in the past that made them so unwelcome in every nation they ever migrated to? Do they even understand cause and effect? Or are they simply collectively suicidal and sick in the head?

Thankfully, there is a place for such hate-filled, racist Middle Eastern Americans of his tribe: Israel. You know, the country America re-established and defended lo these 70 years.