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CNN sends shot across bow on behalf of the Left by punching down, beta-testing a new form of Struggle Session

July 6, 2017

A  new rule of engagement has developed in the war with the Left: CNN has warned it will now start outing anonymous internet folks who dare upset them.

This is an attempt by the Left to revive the Struggle Session.


The good old days of Struggle Sessions, as fantasized by the Corporate Media

We must stop and consider as to what this means: this is an attempt by CNN, very likely at the encouragement of many others in the Corporate Media, to go after private individuals who do nothing more than successfully oppose Corporate Media’s agenda, in no matter how small a way. 

Previously, journalistic “ethics” (how ever laughable that is as an idea) prevented this, as it was considered off-limits for journalists to “punch down”—to go after normal, law-abiding folks who hadn’t done anything but resist/oppose the party line. Occasionally, Corporate Media did exposes on “bizarre” or “extreme” small, non-left wing people/groups, in attempts to demonize them, but these people/groups were public, giving speeches, holding rallies, lobbying, etc. That was fair game, as they were public figures; it was “punching down” by journos, but only to folks who put themselves into the public eye.

Now Corporate Media is beta testing whether it can “punch down” on private folks and get away with it.

Make no mistake this was something Corporate Media has been planning to try for a while now. Bandied about in their JournoLists and talked about at their cocktail parties and weekends worshiping at the altar of Barack Obama and whenever the Corporate Heads coordinate their talking points with John Podesta and the DNC.This was a planned assault from many folks about.

Trump’s victory was the catalyst, although the Obama years, where Corporate Media saw disturbing signs of opposition to the Left grow louder, certainly nurtured it along. Trump’s taking the White House—on the backs of those trolls!—meant that anonymity had to be sacrificed for the Party.

The people—the trolls—needed to know fear. And so Struggle Sessions needed to come back. No more anonymity. For the good of the Party, comrade!


Remember when the Left thought being anonymous was good?

So the coordination, the planning, the itching for an excuse. At first it was whispered about during Obama’s regime—“We should really expose one of these anonymous trolls, make them fear for their lives!”—but was quickly hushed up. The Tea Party victories and Romney’s (inept) run made the whispers into grumbles, but still—it’s punching down! We must not make it so!

But then Trump won. Trump’s victory made it become open conversation among the Corporate Media.

He was elected as a repudiation of Obama! And Hillary! Racism! Sexism! Heresy! Blasphemy! Savages! Witches!

I Am Not A Witch - Monty Python and the Holy Grail.jpg

Burn the Alt-Right witches!

Examples had to be made. Pour encourager les autres’.

'Pour encourager les autres'.jpg

‘Pour encourager les autres’

But they weren’t sure if doing it all at once would incite revolts by those Trumpkin trolls. So they decided that they would wait for a prime opportunity—when a meme went viral, and that meme was “racist/sexist/homophobic/pro-Trump/pro-America.”

And when it did, one organization would test the waters by attacking the meme-writer—with a warning. It wouldn’t be a full-frontal assault, mind you; but it would be a “we-could-destroy-you-if-we-wanted” type attack. It was designed for a message.

Now the Corporate Media is circling the wagons, pretending CNN wasn’t doing blackmail, but  tut-tutting that it was a very naughty thing they did. Pretending all along this wasn’t something they all wanted or planned or encouraged.

You’ll also note how the articles saying “bad form” to CNN carefully leave open the possibility that such public doxx threatening is ok in other circumstances—that punching down on private, law-abiding citizens would be ok if further deviations from the Corporate Media worldview occur.

And that’s before we get to the question of how, exactly, this “troll” was found. Quite honestly , I believe one of the various Alphabet agencies likely (and illegally, but the Constitution is dead) found this private citizen’s information as part of a plan to discredit Trump supporters, and fed this to CNN. I doubt the CNN crew was bright enough to find the guy; this smells of spook-related activity.

And the spooks in all the agencies—the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, etc.—-hate Trump. He’s anti-war, he’s anti-Washington, and he’s not a puppet of them. We saw it when Comey tried (twice!) to get Hillary elected. The alphabets seek to destroy Trump, and are trying to use the media to do it. And if they can’t get him, they will get his followers first.


Absolutely unrelated quote.

Not only is #CNNisblackmail, but all Corporate Media is blackmail, too, and all Alphabet Agencies are blackmail.

Watch your 6. They are coming for you. Be ready. They are not to be trusted.