So this is goodbye old friends…

So this will be my last post. I will delete this blog this after an appropriate amount of time. No hints on how long I consider that to be.

I had thought I would write a good long goodbye, but as the Google/mass Silicon Valley deplatforming has heated up in the wake of the Charlottesville setup,  it is time to hurry things along.

Really, my departure is about a few things:

First, Citzenfour (a documentary) really opened my eyes as to the massive amount of spying the U.S. government is doing on its own citizens unconstitutionally. Between that and Wikileaks stuff I read weekly, I know surveillance is everywhere. Even here. Watch that movie and follow Wikileaks on Twitter and see if you don’t become the same. Fuck the Deep State.

Second, the July 5, 2016 press conference by James Comey, openly lying to exonerate Hillary Clinton, displayed to the whole world that the American federal government is corrupt to the bone. The law–the sainted FBI— admitted that some people are above it, and that they are merely the Praetorian Guard, enforcing the will of whomever signs their checks.  The fact that that bastard Comey did it on July 5th—the day after American Independence Day—was likely coordinated by him as a sick joke and insult to the rule of law and all of our history.  Fuck James Comey and the G-men and all their brethren in the other agencies.

Third, the press’s smear the Alt-Right as Nazis to be killed, and its concurring cover up of Antifa/BLM terrorism, is a sign the corporate media can never be fixed. Any attempt by the Alt-Right to “come out” and join in public and have a rational discussion will be broadcast by the media as an alarm to the Antifa/BLM thugs, who will appear and attack us, or we will be hounded to have our jobs removed, our loved ones condemn us, and our communities shun is. Charlottesville is a warning to us all: whitey is now the witch to be burned at the stake.  The conglomerate press will dox you in the hope your life is ruined—or ended. The corporate media are permanently the spies, propagandists,  and tattletales of the Left. Squealers, all. Never trust the corporate media, whether national or your local major paper or local evening news. Fuck the media whores.

Fourth, the deplatforming by Google, et al. this week in the wake of Charlottesville—coming so closely after the James Denmore firing—means that billionaire companies cannot be trusted to protect truth. They will make your life impossible if you rely on them. I am getting out of them as soon as possible, but likely it will not be fast or near enough. Get out yourself, but always know they will be coming for you. Fuck Silicon Valley.

And my final advice on this to you, fellow thought criminals (especially those with blogs), is this: disappear while you can. You aren’t really gone—rest assured some jackass affirmative action hire in a Utah or Langley data center has a file on you—but at least the attention won’t be on you at the moment. You might get to live the rest of your life without knowing what they can do to you, if you’re lucky. As Elie Wiesel counseled in Night, best not to stick out when a prisoner in the enemy’s camp.


As a final note, “whorefinder” was never me.

It was my exaggerated id unleashed without censorship, designed to disgust and amuse and use hyperbole as a tool. I long ago decided to use the internet as my release from the stresses of daily life , to use black humor and my darkest thoughts and cruelest expressions without pause, because I could no longer keep bottled up my anger at the suppression for the truth. And, for the record, I used the word “rape” as a signoff because feminazis have lied and dumbed down rape to such a degree that “rape” is like “racist”— it means nothing these days, and yet is its non-meaning has become  holy word of the evil ones.

Well the holy of evil must be blasphemed. I mocked their crying wolf and defaming of men with each and every sign off.  Because —-because fuck them, that’s why.

Goodbye, Godspeed to all, and may the future one day look upon all of our red-pill digital ramblings–after sifting through the carcass of our civilization, burned to the ground by SJWs, Leftist psychos, hate whiteys, anti-Christian bigots, mentally diseased sexual deviants, Islamic barbarians, and feminazis— and realize that not all of us were fools. Some of us tried to stop it. Some of us wrote the truth in the face of all their pretty lies. Some of us looked into the oblivion and coming darkness–and made a crack about how fat and stupid it was.

God bless us, every one.

4 Responses to “So this is goodbye old friends…”

  1. james Says:


  2. mansplainingblog Says:

    Damn and I just found you. Gotta read some posts fast. My plan with my blog was just to post whatever I learned in my short 30 years life, without biases from reading too many things, just from my own experience. Well, did you just admit all of your posts are lies though?

  3. eah Says:

    There’s a reason, a very good reason, many want a ‘They have to go back:’ plank in the Alt-right platform.

  4. Allyn71 Says:

    Whorefinder is once again lying, because his online persona is the same as his real life personality.

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