I find whores of the internet. Then make fun of them.

Suck on AIDS, SWPL whores!

6 Responses to “About”

  1. Herneith Says:

    LOL! How about more man whores?

  2. Herneith Says:

    With pictures!

  3. Sofia Says:

    You don’t have a contact e-mail!

  4. Michel Says:

    I noticed as well. There is no e-mail.

  5. Tar Says:

    Autism is a cruel disorder, especially when suffered with degrees of paranoia and psychosis. Seek help. Be honest and acknowledge that this isn’t normal or socially acceptable. Civilization requires you to comply too- you aren’t exempt.

    I hope you cheer up soon. So sad to see a heart and mind that’s so twisted and dark. Life is good, go and enjoy it even at least to bring some credibility to your words.

    • whorefinder Says:

      lol. You had better look up what autism is, stupid. I realize you evil ones try to claim annone who opposes you has a mental disease, but lie won’t fly here son!

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