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Lena Dunham Molests Children; This is What a Child Molester Looks Like

November 4, 2014
Lena Dunham: Child Molester

Lena Dunham: Child Molester

Lena Dunham, the pre-op version of Boss Hogg, is a minor celebrity who has recently admitted she molested her sister.

Previous to copping that she copped massive feels on her own flesh and blood, Dunham was feted by the fags, Jews, feminazis, and other supercilious jackasses on both coasts for allegedly making a little-watched HBO show called Girls. Girls is so little-watched that it doesn’t even average a million viewers per episode. Truth be told, no one is watching Girls except TV critics, who laud the shit out of it due to the excellent P.R. work done by the show’s producers. The very fact that this failure of a show got this fat hog of a child molester on the cover of Vogue is proof that the concentrations of power in this country are very small indeed.

Now before Dunham revealed herself as a child-diddling fucking deviant, my biggest issue with her was the fact that I don’t think she actually makes the show herself.  The biggest boost to Girls‘s buzzworthyiness came because Dunham was only in her mid-20’s when HBO greenlit Girls, with her ostensibly in charge; thus she was hailed as the “voice of a generation” and a wunderkind, thus getting critics to pay attention.

I immediately smelled a rat, especially when I found out that her parents, Laurie Simmons and Carroll Dunham,  are rich, weirdo avant-garde artists. I remember the J.T. Leroy scandal, and how people in showbiz are so desperate for a hit they’ll make up false fronts, names, etc. just to break in.  All-in-all, HBO taking a risk on a 25-year-old with no TV experience made no sense; but taking a risk on her parents doing the show for her and using her as the front man? That made sense. HBO doesn’t really care about the truth anyway, as its left-wing propaganda shows.

But now Dunham has admitted that she molested her kid sister. Bear in mind Dunham is 6 years older than her sister. In her recent memoir, she laughingly recounts three episodes of abuse to her sister:

  • She admits that, when she was 7 and her sister was 1, she pried open her sister’s legs to view her vagina while watching her sister. There is also an implication at this point that Dunham then stuffed rocks into her sister’s vagina and tries to blame it on her 1-year-old sister.
  • She admits that she used to manipulate her sister into lying in bed on top of her while she (Dunham) masturbated.
  • She admits to bribing her sister with candy and other ruses to make out with her—and calls her methods “anything a sexual predator might do.”

All of which Dunham recounts as humorous and exploratory.

Now I will mansplain a few things to you guys. Sexual deviancy laws do apply to children. Children who touch others is sexual ways are punished, placed in foster homes, and put on sex registries. What Dunham did to her sister are enough that, were Dunham not a privileged celebrity cow, she would be registering with the local police for the rest of her life. And no, that’s not a joke; Dunham has literally admitted to crimes.

Lena Dunham is a molester of children.

Now Dunham is facing a backlash because she not only got away with these acts (perhaps—depending on what the statute of limitations were in the states she did them in), but because she thought they weren’t bad acts. In fact, she has tried to deflect criticism by an ironic swat:

That’s right, you guys, it’s soooo weird that you’re freaked out by her actions. Stop being such a prude! Everyone does it!

Remember this the next time someone tries to tell you left-wingers are mentally balanced and/or are morally good. Lena Dunham is their moral and mental leader.

Dunham, being the left-wing ‘tard she is, is desperately trying to stop all dissent. She is threatening to sue people who merely repeat her own admissions to child molestation.

Well fuck you, Lena Dunham.

You’re an unrepentant child molester.

You are an evil fucking ugly cow.

And you don’t even run Girls, a show no one watches.

Just a reminder: The Bible says you should judge

October 20, 2014

Lefties invented and perfected the Big Lie. The National Socialists used it to great effect, but other leftists (Soviets, Cubans, Venezuelans, North Koreans, Libyans, etc.) also abused it to death.

One part of the Big Lie is repetition: people will truly believe anything if its said by enough people. Peer pressure wasn’t just something your D.A.R.E. officer told you about to scare you; it is very, very real.

One Big Lie the left likes to tell is that Jesus commands people not to “judge” others, and by judge they mean “say that someone is doing something bad, or that a person is evil.” In fact they often quote Jesus’s words (twistedly, of course): “Judge lest ye be judged.”

Of course they’re lying.

Jesus never says don’t judge someone as sinning or being evil. The context of his quote is that Jesus is saying “don’t be a hypocrite when you judge people.” This is the whole “remove the mote from your own eye” argument-context. In fact, Jesus was condemning the Jewish high priests for their hypocrisy, as they would condemn people for sins they themselves or their family were committing and getting off scot-free.

Jesus had no problem for you condemning another’s sins if you were free of such sin yourself. In fact, in both the Gospel of Luke and in the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus orders his followers to do just that.

What Jesus hated in sinners was hypocrisy, which the Jewish high council had in droves. Compare Jesus’s treatment of prostitutes, thieves, and tax collectors.  He dines with them because they know they are sinners and want t do better. Jesus curses those who sin and don’t care, or worse complain abut others doing their same sins. Compare, again, Jesus’s treatment of the two thieves he is crucified with—one has no repentance, and demands Jesus save them; Jesus ignores him, likely knowing that, that day, he would see him in hell. The other begs Jesus’s forgiveness for his crimes; Jesus pardons him and promises him heaven.

For example, if you don’t molest children, condemn homosexuals.

Fuck the left. Yay Jesus. Condemn sinners.

Leftism as a Cult?: A Tenative Hypothesis

January 20, 2013

I’ve had a rather murky epiphany as of late. If it holds true, it could provide to myself and other anti-leftists a wealth of power and knowledge in combating the evil that is leftism. And it comes, strangely, from fire-bomber Ann Coulter.

I do not know quite how to take Coulter—is she a career-driven loudmouth who only takes extreme right wing opinions because she thinks it will give her more fame? Is she genuinely adhering to most or all of her extreme beliefs? Or is she merely a right-winger who deliberately pushes more extreme right wing views to “give space” to more moderate righties? I do not know. But in thinking about her thesis in Godless: the Church of Liberalism, I have realized that she was on to something.

Certainly she was not the first, nor the most articulate in pointing out that left-wing ideology is like a religion to adherents. However, to the generation of people who became politically aware in the 1990s and 2000s, she is the loudest voice asserting this.

So I’ve explored this issue, and concluded that the idea the leftism is a religion is both right and wrong. It is right to say it is a substitute spiritualism for leftists. However, it is wrong to say that leftism is a religion.

Instead, leftism is, I tentatively believe, a cult.

Any assistance from readers in helping me flesh this out in the coming weeks would be greatly appreciated. I plan on a series of posts explaining my belief that left wing thought is a cult.

How did Andrew Breitbart die?

April 9, 2012

What the fuck happened to Andrew Breitbart? How, exactly, did he die?

Look, it’s been over a month since a 43-year-old man “unexpectedly” died from “natural causes.”

That would be a weird thing normally—we’d expect news reports to fill us in on the cause of death. Most people would assume heart attack here. But we’d expect to be told what such “natural causes” are eventually, because 43-year-old bodies don’t normally just wear out all at once. It’d be like a car dying at 75,000 miles.

Moreover, Andrew Breitbart was a celebrity. And a celebrity with a lot of enemies. Enemies who stood to benefit from his death:

1. The left as a group hated him. Let’s not forget the left is a group of violent cowards. Any nut with an ax to grind could have tried to kill him.

2. Certain leftists, such as Alec Baldwin, had personal issues with him. Let’s not forget that Alec Baldwin has asked people to murder his political opponents. Alec Baldwin abuses his children and threatens random workers who interact with him. Like all leftists, Baldwin is a violent coward—a man who’s colossal ego and miniscule talent combine to form one very vindictive soul. And he (and other celebrity leftists like him) would have the means—the money, the obsequious assistants, the connections to the underworld—to carry out a murder.

3. Let’s not forget that within the Breitbart’s own ranks people could have wanted him dead. Just after he died, Big Hollywood and its ilk completely changed its format, directing you to with a different site setup and design. You’d think when a guy died, they’d leave his work intact for a bit as some sort of tribute—but the people in charge radically altered it almost immediately. Who gained power there from Breitbart’s death? Who made these changes?

4. Obama, an evil man not above violent-thug tactics. Shortly before he died, Breitbart had announced that his latest mission was to vet Obama, because the media failed to do it in 2008. Breitbart promised that from March through election day, he would post articles on Obama’s background, revealing Obama’s dark connections and evil friends.

Now, on the surface, this didn’t seem like much; Breitbart’s audience already hated Obama and knew much of the history of Obama’s connections to violent, evil psychopaths. And Breitbart’s haters would never listen to facts about Obama. So what was Breitbart’s goal here? What could such a vetting accomplish? A conclusion one can draw here easily is that Breitbart was on the trail of some really damning evidence against Obama—something that would shock us all even after four years of misery. Something that would make even leftists start to mistrust their Black Nazi.

Breitbart was very good at finding alarming facts. He was also good at rolling out and presenting such damning evidence slowly, using each bit to trap his political enemies in their lies and then walloping them the next day with even more facts, exposing them as liars. And we also know that Breitbart was very good at keeping these stories under his hat—sub rosa—close to the vest—so that the effect was dramatic, because not even his own friends knew what he had.

Obama isn’t afraid to release and not prosecute thugs who do his bidding. We know this—and we know leftists in the media will try to cover it up. We also know Obama incites violence and wants his supporters to punish his enemies. And we know that some of Obama’s political victories suspiciously had to do with “scandals” that mysteriously appeared in his favor. And we know Obama has strong ties to the underworld. The man is above nothing.

And he is not above abusing government power for political gain.

Andrew Breitbart’s death was out of the blue. “Natural causes” explain nothing. Too many people—including Obama—stood to gain from his death.

We need a full report and autopsy on how this man died.

A study on SWPLism & Black people & Hypocrisy: Garfunkel & Oates’s “This Party Just Took a Turn for the Douche”

January 7, 2012


For those of you who can’t, here’s a transcript of the lyrics.

This song, “This Party Just Took a Turn for the Douche,” made by the duo of Garfunkel & Oates, is great current example both of SPWLism and SWPLism hypocrisy.

First, SWPLism

1. Band Members
The song is sung (and seemingly written by) two semi-attractive white women in their late 20s/early 30s. The blond, taller one, Riki Lindhome is an actress I swear I have seen before, but in passing. She’s the prettier of the two, but in a plain way. Despite rolling around in the video doing suggestive, stripper-esque club-girl hump-dancing while wearing outfits that show off a nice body, she seems awkward, unsure of herself, and profoundly uncomfortable; she seems to have been either a fat girl who lost the weight or else a band geek wallflower who only recently lost the braces and acne.

The second, smaller, uglier, but contradictorily cuter one, Kate Micucci, has been on that SWPL-beloved show, Scrubs, where she played a character called The Gooch. She appears in the video as more sarcastic, more nasty, more boyish, and more at home with mockery and superciliousness; I would not be surprised if she is a bitter lesbian, or turns into one someday for publicity/faux-rebelliousness purposes.

2. Band Name
The band’s name, Garfunkel & Oates, is classic hipster/SWPL identifiers. It’s first name, Garfunkel, references a “deep” pop group from the 60s, Simon & Garfunkel. Next, in Oates, it references a successful, but “cheesy” (according to SWPLs and their sarcasm meters) 80’s pop band, Hall & Oates. Finally, both names are the names of the lesser-known, secondary members of the duos they reference. Thus, in one fell swoop, you get a band name that 1) shows them to be “intelligent” because they listen to “deep” music; 2) makes fun of the 80’s; 3) shows off their music-history nerdiness; and 4) makes their band name “ironic.”

This band couldn’t be more hipster in their band name than if they named themselves the “PBR Crew from Williamsburg, featuring Knitting, Ironically Tatooed Riot Grrrls who vote Democrat.”

3. Lyrics
The lyrics of the song are classic name-dropping of things that reference SWPLism. Some examples:

Arrested Development: “I ain’t George Michael Bluth”

Say Anything: “I’m holding up the beats like I was Lloyd Dobbler”

Critically acclaimed novelists of the post 1950s (i.e. bad, boring novelists who went to parties with left-wing critics of the time ): “We’re an army in the night, like Norman Mailer“; AND
“Higher than the voice of Truman Capote

Gay-love: the aforementioned Truman Capote; many of the douchebag parodies hitting on/making out with women in the video are other women doing impressions of thuggish-wanna be men, including Sarah Silverman—similar to butch lesbians;

Right-wing bashing: “pop my collar like Limbaugh pops oxy”

and a bass line that cribs directly from a cheesy-rap song about inner city gangstas being victims, used as the soundtrack to a movie about poor high school children being just misunderstood and victimized, not bad people Gangsta’s Paradise.

4. Theme and Hypocrisy

Most importantly, however, is the entire theme of the song, which is mocking and making fun of the way white underclass people act in club/party scenes today, especially those ones who are socially dominant in their peer group. The Jersey Shore-esque wannabe’s—the Situations, the Snookis who “invade” the SWPLer’s space and ruin their good time.

It would only be one social group insulting another if not for the massive hypocrisy involved in the song.

You see, Garfunkel & Oates are insulting the proles for acting like low-class ghetto black people, the kind of people that Garfunkel & Oates would never criticize for their behavior.

Let’s not mince words here: the Jersey Shore crowd and the “douchebags” made fun of here and at websites such as Hotchickswithdouchebags are only mimicking the black culture that SWPLers not only have never criticized, but openly celebrate.

More specifically, Garfunkel & Oates make fun of several things about the prolish douchebags:
—over-worked out bodies by the men
—excessive care of facial hair/self-grooming
—use of fragrances by men
—girls wearing clear heels
—people only out for a one night stand
—VIP tables
—dropping excess money for relative trifles (“drop a G for the bottle of goose”)

Every single category in which they insult the douchebags came from black ghetto culture. But would these two SWPLs or their audience ever dare point a finger at the black ghetto culture that led the way for this lifestyle becoming dominant, or else criticize black people for acting this way?


For SWPls, white and successful asian people acting this way are acting low class, pathetic, and immature. But slap this behavior on blacks on Hispanic “authentic” minorities—i.e. minorities who vote Democrat—and suddenly it’s “real” and “truthful” and a “deep expression of their fundamental oppression and anger” or whatever other bullshit is being bandied about these days in racial studies courses.

Garfunkel & Oates, like all SWPLs, wants what all lefties want: special, better-than-you rules for black and other ghetto-minority behavior (so long as said minorities are only leftists, which 99% are). SWPLs refuse to recognize or criticize ghetto behavior as destructive, socio-pathic, or childish unless it is adopted by non-ghetto minorities, in which case it is open season.

In short, despite Garfunkel & Oates’s intense name-dropping to “prove” their intelligence, they ultimately come off as ignorant and dumb, despite the song’s catchiness (I have it on my iPod) and initial clever-sounding lyrics. Because of p.c.-dogma, their brains are incapable of understanding the root causes of the behavior they loathe in prole whites; their own hypocrisy and cowardice in writing and performing this son; and how the cultural dominance (and culture-destroying nature) of this behavior that they loathe is something that SWPL-dogma has perpetuated.

This just in: SWPL are morons.

Alec Baldwin: Violent, Murder-Inciting Idiot

December 8, 2011

Alec Baldwin is a violent, murder-inciting nutcase.

Because we know how you lefties love to pretend history disappears when it hurts liberals.

This scumbag said it was parody when cornered on his violent rant. Fine, I hope an angry mob storms his home and STONES ALEC BALDWIN TO DEATH!!!!!! (it’s parody!)

In other news, this violent psychopath recently threatened flight attendants because Alec Baldwin cannot be subject to the rules.

But lefties will never shun him or call for his apology. In the lefty mind, everything a lefty does is always correct. Morality be damned.

And fuck you Conan O’Brien for using Baldwin as a conduit for your own hateful left-wing politics. No surprise a man stupid enough to do that got outsmarted by Jay Fucking Leno.

We will never forget your crimes, lefties. The internet lasts forever, bitches.