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Middle Eastern-American Man Racistly Attacks White People, Blames Them For All The World’s Problems

June 13, 2017

It’s almost like, thanks to Trump, Jews like Isaac Chotiner are ripping the mask of niceness off themselves and openly declaring war on whites.

Isaac Chotiner, Middle Eastern-American and hateful racist against European-Americans.

What is truly surprising is how openly contemptuous this Middle Eastern-American is of the race that built America—you know, the nation he lives in and works in, and (presumably) is a citizen of. He fundamentally hates European-Americans.

This is would be like an African migrating to Japan to escape persecution for witchcraft, and the second-or third-generation of his descendants  declaring that the Japanese are the cause of all the world’s problems, have a horrible culture, are racist-beyond-redemption, and need to be trampled upon.

Are Jewish people really this incapable of learning from the millions of mistakes Jews have made in the past that made them so unwelcome in every nation they ever migrated to? Do they even understand cause and effect? Or are they simply collectively suicidal and sick in the head?

Thankfully, there is a place for such hate-filled, racist Middle Eastern Americans of his tribe: Israel. You know, the country America re-established and defended lo these 70 years.

Paige from the WWE, aka Saraya-Jade Bevi, is a nigger-fucking mudshark whore–i.e. she does bestiality

March 26, 2017

Paige from the WWE has sex with sub-humans, aka niggers, aka black guys, aka blacks.

nigger fucker1.jpg

Piece of shit Paige, aka Saraya-Jade Bevi, the mudshark whore, unworthy of love or care

Always assume, boys, that every woman you meet is a piece of trash nigger fucker and a mudshark and worthless. Not worth anything more than cum on her face and a quick exit the next morning.

Protect yourself.

Remember, if a “woman” has ever had sex with, blown, kissed, or gone on a date with a nigger, she is trash and unworthy of anything other than a “See-ya, c-ya, bitch.” That’s the only way to protect yourself. Women are trash until they prove otherwise.

Repeat: Paige, aka Saraya-Jade Bevi, from WWE sleeps with niggers and is a nigger-fucker. Worthless, subhuman trash.

More pictures of nigger-fucker worthless trash Saraya-Jade Bevi, aka wrestler Paige:

Why the FBI is just the Secret Police, Part 9967

March 6, 2017

Wonder why I’m leaving the Interwebs? Wonder why I say never trust the FBI?

Here’s why.

The FBI director who tried to make Hillary Clinton president by publicly exonerating her of the crimes she committed is now blocking efforts to uncover just what Obama did to Trump and when he did them.

I have no idea why President Trump made a public show of faith and trust in that snake Comey. Comey has been a pawn for the Powers That Be since at least last July, probably from the beginning of his career. Comey deliberately worked to cover up for Hillary Clinton to get her elected, and now he’s covering up for Obama’s crimes.

Comey should become a watchword for snake in English.

Why I’m Leaving the Internet: A Preview

February 22, 2017

I’m still planning on disappearing myself from the interwebs, but the explanatory post is still forthcoming. Here’s a preview as to why:

  1. In the last few days, the Milo Yiannopolis witchhunt, complete with scalp.
  2. Alex Jones’s ad revenue terminated by AdRoll with no warning, coinciding with the Milo witchhunt, costing Jones millions of dollars.  One of Jones’s angry reactions here.
  3. Citizenfour. Watch it.


As If You Needed More of a Reason to Prepare for Battle

February 8, 2017

‘Leftist Fight Club’ trains college students to fight Republicans.

The Left is coming for you. Leftist are nothing more than cowardly, violent thugs. And the FBI works for the Deep State, and is more interested in arresting you than stopping them from attacking you (though pray Trump changes them into fighting for Americans rather than being the Deep State’s secret police).

You are in charge of your own self-defense and those of your loved ones now. The Left wants you dead. Plan accordingly:

Start lifting, Mark Rippetoe Starting Strength style. Make yourself strong enough to take an attack and be able to recover quickly–and scare them off from trying a follow up.

Join a boxing gym or MMA gym and get pummeled weekly—so you don’t freeze when they do come from you, and so you train yourself to react by punching back, twice as hard.

In-Group with people into defensive units. Survivalist groups, anti-Communist groups, pro-Trump groups, un-cucked Christian groups, and white ethnic pride groups (e.g. Irish-American Clubs, Italian-American clubs) are to be scouted and joined. If at any point you suspect cuckery or infiltration by the Left/Feds into your group, either immediately expel those infiltrators by any means necessary, or get out of the group; they will be useless come the Leftist attacks.

And make it your mission to get at least one close male friend/relative woke in the next year. Steve Sailer, Vox Day, Heartiste, and RooshV are great places to send them for their Red Pill conversion.

MAGA and be safe, brothers.

Ten Movies to Buy Before the Left Bans Them

February 2, 2017

The Left is doubling down on its censorship. It will attempt to block anyone from every viewing various great works of art from the past if such works are “problematic.” The Left will ban DVD sales, screenings, and even mention of films, all because the films inspire WrongThink.

Don’t think it will happen? They’ve already done it to the wonderful Song of the South.

So buy these ASAP, however you can, and keep them safe, before they become “lost” to the West for the next thousand years.

  1. Birth of a Nation (1915): This classic silent film is the granddaddy of them all, something that the most hardcore lefty film snob will say is both “great” and “problematic.” Depicting the rise of Klu Klux Klan as a heroic defender of whites against lazy, lecherous, violent blacks unleashed by the end of slavery. And don’t confuse it with 2016’s Birth of a Nation(2016), made by a nigger to try to be “subversive” but ends up being a typical affirmative action case’s work. No, the real Birth of a Nation is “history written with lightning.”
  2. Gone with the Wind (1939): This legendary old film, still one of the top ticket sellers of all time, is an homage to the Old South, effortlessly showing how life in antebellum Dixie wasn’t a torture pit for blacks, whilst also depicting accurate sociopathic female behavior in the devious, beautiful Scarlett O’Hara. Rhett Butler plays her at first, then she plays him, and then, finally, he plays her best of all, walking out on the bitch while she still loves him.
  3. Passion of the Christ (2004): This monumental hit depicted Jesus’s death both religiously (for Catholics) and yet also the political machinations behind his death—laying it rightfully at the feel of the local Jewish leaders, who got the local Roman magistrate to execute Our Lord based on trumped up charges, as the Bible accurately and convincingly states. Mel Gibson is a genius.
  4. The Jazz Singer (1927): Blackface by a Jew, and the first talkie. Duh.
  5. The 300 (2007): No, not quite in the same league as the movies above, but still it will be banned: noble, stoic-but-angry white men defend their land from invasion by Middle Eastern hordes of slaves and freaks, and unapologetically prefer their own culture to the invaders.
  6. How the West Was Won (1962): Unapologetic epic western film about the white pioneers who settled the entire American West. Not a revisionist Western at all, the exact opposite. Cheesy popcorn fun, but good.
  7. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961): Will be banned because Mickey Rooney played a funny Chinese Japanese man as a supporting character, which no Chinese Japanese person had a problem with until the SJWs whined. Also, Audrey Hepburn is a coquettish female gamine that must be seen to be believed, since even as a “party girl” she has more class and femininity and beauty than any “normal” woman today. [Edit: Thanks to reader Nikolai Vladivostok for pointing out in the comments that Rooney was supposed to be a Japanese man, not a Chinese man.]
  8. A Man for All Seasons (1966): Religious Catholic man dies for his faith, refusing to sign on to an unjust law that would require him to violate his religion. Do you think this kind of subversion to the SJW-dogma will be tolerated by the Left’s commissars?
  9. Cinderella/Snow White/ Sleeping Beauty: Three for one, I know, but all three depict women as they should be depicted, and as little girls should be encouraged to act: feminine, coquettish, modest, virtuous, and, ultimately, with getting married and starting a family. Disney knew his shit, no tough grrrrrls aloud.
  10. The General (1926): A classic silent film, it depicts film legend Buster Keaton as a loyal son of the South who bumbles his way heroically to help the Confederacy during the Civil War, getting his girl in the process. Any pro-Confederacy movies will obviously be banned as worse than Hitler.

Now go, and save art and your culture from the Left!


Anti-Trump Rally on Saturday: “Snowflake” is Triggering The Left Something Massive

January 22, 2017

Went to the aftermath of a rally in a major city. Signs strewn everywhere (litter much, snowflakes?) much uncleverness in them (the DNC and other astroturf groups clearly involved in crafting many of their banal messages).

All I can say of them is that the term “snowflake” is driving the Left nuts. I saw many signs trying to either deny their snowflakeness (“I AM NOT A SNOWFLAKE I AM A STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN!”) or else trying to “own” their snowflakeness in a sad attempt to hide their pain (NO ONE FEARS A SNOWFLAKE TILL IT CAUSES AN AVALANCHE!”).

It’s so clearly obvious that the term “snowflake” is driving them nuts as true and hurtful that I’m adding it to my off-line dialogue. Just going to mention it in casual conversation (“Did you see all those precious snowflakes flipping out this weekend?”) to see how many I can trigger.

And you should, too.



December 27, 2016

Hey, Heartiste!

I know you Dark Lords appreciate my exquisite commentary, so I figure this is an error, but your commenting system has not allowed me (the immortal whorefinder) to post on your website in at least a week. All my comments are being stuck in moderation.

Clear me, O Dark Lords!


December 22, 2016

Mudsharking leads mudshark to death. Perhaps these skanks are all suicidal?

President Trump is Teddy Roosevelt

December 2, 2016

Donald Trump is Teddy Roosevelt.


Watching Trump eviscerate his opponents and get inside their OODA loops during his post-election victory tour, I can see he’s directly channeling Teddy Roosevelt. All other comparisons are secondary; Trump clearly sees himself as  a new Teddy Roosevelt, and is directly trying to mimic him.

T.R. was a “traitor to his class” who led an assault on corruption during his spree and realigned the Republican party towards his vision. It’s him we have to thank for all our (currently little used) anti-trust legislation—his early effort to wrest the economy from the 1% corporatists of big bankers and big corporations in his own day.

And TR was exactly like Trump on foreign policy: speak softy (no foreign wars, negotiate with everyone) but carry a big stick (create a super-powerful military to deter anyone taking advantage of you). In other words, Trump’s foreign policy.

And TR, like Trump, denounced free trade and advocated reciprocal tariffs between nations to protect workers on both sides. Can you say Trump?

Heck, Trump’s recent personal intervention into Carrier AC staying in Indiana even has a TR parallel: The coal strike of 1902, where TR personally intervened. This also demonstrated that TR was ok with union-labor so long as it was well-regulated, much like Trump.

And it’s ol’ TR we have to thank for the idea of a “bully pulpit”; a president using his position to give rousing speeches to support his policy, and thus cut through the media hype and reach voters directly. The media of TR’s time was no less controlled and consolidated than today: TR was dealing with lying scum like warmongering media conglomorator William Randolph Hearst, whose control of the media was so great he created the Spanish-American war.

Heck, TR was such a disruptor and outsider that he led the largest third-party threat in U.S. history, the 1912 Bull Moose party presidential run, much like how Trump flirted with the Reform party for years and, this year, took over the Repubs from the Bush wing.

Unfortunately, for TR, he  young when he became President, and his temperament was like Trump’s: never stop working, even unto old age. He was around for many years after his presidency and failed Bull Moose run, and people stopped paying attention to him, except to laugh at him. Trump, being older, has the advantage (if you can call it that) of kicking off soon after his second term ends, thus preventing his becoming a living joke by the media.

I will not be surprised if, among Trump’s papers, we find the biographies and letters of Teddy Roosevelt, heavily underlined and annotated.  In fact, I expect it.