December 22, 2016

Mudsharking leads mudshark to death. Perhaps these skanks are all suicidal?

President Trump is Teddy Roosevelt

December 2, 2016

Donald Trump is Teddy Roosevelt.


Watching Trump eviscerate his opponents and get inside their OODA loops during his post-election victory tour, I can see he’s directly channeling Teddy Roosevelt. All other comparisons are secondary; Trump clearly sees himself as  a new Teddy Roosevelt, and is directly trying to mimic him.

T.R. was a “traitor to his class” who led an assault on corruption during his spree and realigned the Republican party towards his vision. It’s him we have to thank for all our (currently little used) anti-trust legislation—his early effort to wrest the economy from the 1% corporatists of big bankers and big corporations in his own day.

And TR was exactly like Trump on foreign policy: speak softy (no foreign wars, negotiate with everyone) but carry a big stick (create a super-powerful military to deter anyone taking advantage of you). In other words, Trump’s foreign policy.

And TR, like Trump, denounced free trade and advocated reciprocal tariffs between nations to protect workers on both sides. Can you say Trump?

Heck, Trump’s recent personal intervention into Carrier AC staying in Indiana even has a TR parallel: The coal strike of 1902, where TR personally intervened. This also demonstrated that TR was ok with union-labor so long as it was well-regulated, much like Trump.

And it’s ol’ TR we have to thank for the idea of a “bully pulpit”; a president using his position to give rousing speeches to support his policy, and thus cut through the media hype and reach voters directly. The media of TR’s time was no less controlled and consolidated than today: TR was dealing with lying scum like warmongering media conglomorator William Randolph Hearst, whose control of the media was so great he created the Spanish-American war.

Heck, TR was such a disruptor and outsider that he led the largest third-party threat in U.S. history, the 1912 Bull Moose party presidential run, much like how Trump flirted with the Reform party for years and, this year, took over the Repubs from the Bush wing.

Unfortunately, for TR, he  young when he became President, and his temperament was like Trump’s: never stop working, even unto old age. He was around for many years after his presidency and failed Bull Moose run, and people stopped paying attention to him, except to laugh at him. Trump, being older, has the advantage (if you can call it that) of kicking off soon after his second term ends, thus preventing his becoming a living joke by the media.

I will not be surprised if, among Trump’s papers, we find the biographies and letters of Teddy Roosevelt, heavily underlined and annotated.  In fact, I expect it.


November 9, 2016



Alex Jones Show Hacked, Transmission Cut Off Just Now, on Election Night

November 8, 2016

Alex Joneswas just reporting that his organization (Infowars) was hacked as of last night…AND HE JUST WAS CUT OFF THE AIR!!!


Trump Rally Tonight, the Night Before the Election

November 8, 2016

Went to a Trump rally tonight, the night before the election. Audience was YUUUUGE— people in line hours ahead of time,  arena filled to the brim, security forced to turn thousands away due to overcapacity..

He came in like a rock star. He was loose, he was bold, he was happy. He made us laugh, he made us cry, and we were chanting along with him.

We are going to win. The only question is if Hillary will steal it. But even if she does steal it, it’s too late. We are woke. We are angry. We are driven. We are going to take back our country, one way or another.

And we are going to Make America Great Again.

FBI, James Comey Clarify to Those Confused That Yes, They Are Merely The Secret Police

November 6, 2016

The FBI and James Comey have now re-emphasized their status as merely the American version of the Cheka/KGB/Stasi/Frumentarii/610 Office/Gestapo/etc. James Comey is Heinrich Himmler, or one of the equivalents.

It’s like they just want people to be sure they’re nothing but the secret police, the servants  of those in power, and nothing more. Lapdogs, stooges, mooks, the whole lot of them.

Appropriately, when Congress first created the FBI, they feared that they were creating a secret police force.

And they did.

This all relates to my going dark off the internet. I’ll write my final post soon enough explaining, but I’m sure many of you can see the writing on the wall as to why I am doing it.

And going forward, even if he is your own brother, or your best friend, never trust an FBI agent.

Was NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton Bribed by the Clintons in an Effort to Cover up The Anthony Weiner Scandal?

November 6, 2016


When New York Police Department Commissioner Bill Bratton weirdly resigned a few months ago he got a golden parachute into a job at Teneo Holdings.

Now, know this: Teneo Holdings is a private spinoff from the Clinton Foundation, where Bill was also a paid consultant and client.

Holy crap, was Bill Bratton bribed by the Clintons in an attempt to make the Weiner investigation go away? When did the Weiner investigation begin, and what did Bill Bratton know, and when did he know it?

Did Hillary Clinton just try to murder both Donald Trump and her own Vice Presidential pick,Tim Kaine?

November 5, 2016

Tonight, in Reno, Nevada, a murderous psychopath tried to kill President Trump.

This is the third major assassination attempt against Trump that we know about.

The first was an attempted killer in Ohio who jumped the fence at a Trump rally and went for President Trump on stage:


The second was by a man who tried to sneak into Trump Tower while armed—and now the corporate media claim he was “just drunk”. (lol).

And now this. After we know that Hillary hires people to start fights and incite violence at Trump rallies:

Meanwhile, also occurring tonight, Hillary’s own VP-pick, Tim Kaine, had his motorcade hit by a car going at full speed.

The Tim Kaine bus “accident” occurring today  was less than two days after he went on the Alan Colmes radio show and said the FBI’s Comey’s isn’t trying to influence the election and that he doesn’t question Comey’s integrity.

Then today, Kaine’s tour bus “accidentally” gets plowed by a police car going full speed. Kaine was in a car in the front of the bus, not in the bus itself–which itself is weird, did he have prior knowledge of the “accident?”

Reminder: Tim Kaine was selected by Hillary in 2015 (yes, 2015, not 2016)—a full year before long before she officially announced him and went through a Kabuki process for  VP. We now know all other potential VP picks by Hillary were just a dog-and-pony show.

Kaine was the DNC chair who stepped aside for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to take over. Wasserman-Schulz, who was Hillary’s former campaign manager, and who fixed the primaries for Hillary’s win over Sanders.

Kaine’s reward for stepping aside as DNC chair was the VP slot. Kaine was thus in a position of power and quite probably knows a ton of dirt on Hillary, given his positions as VP pick and DNC chair. HOWEVER,when Kaine gave the interview to Colmes in the last forty-eight  hours,  he vouched for Comey being above-board. Meanwhile, Hillary has been claiming the opposite–that Comey’s investigation is a pure political maneuver.

In other words, Kaine strongly insinuated that the FBI and Comey are right and Hillary is a crook who should go to jail–contrary to what Hillary has said-–and thus the VP candidate tossed his own running mate/ boss right under the bus.

Kaine thus became a potential enemy of Hillary Clinton. And then, only a few days later, a car tried to crash into his tour bus.


Is Hillary Clinton now on a desperate, power-mad rampage to murder anyone who opposes her?


Wikileaks nailing Hillary Clinton and John Pedo-desta

November 4, 2016

Wikileaks just released # 30 of the email dump on Pedodesta and Clinton:

This is only 8 hours after they released #29:

I cannot wait till this is all parsed out.

Working for the weekend!

“They Live” and The Current Year

October 31, 2016

Just got finished re-watching They Live as part of my Halloween.

It is so scary how that movie predicted so much of what is going on today: union jobs disappearing while investors get raises, families disintegrating, consumerism/gadgetry pushed, bankers being protected,and a small cabal of wealthy elite who blend in with humans but secretly look grotesque underneath and who are out to enslave mankind. They own law enforcement and the media, and put out crap 24/7 to lull the masses into a false complacency. And they have their own human informers who have turned on their own race(!) in return for wealth and power.

Heck, Carpenter even has the resistance movement be based out of Christian church (!), and the church members shown to be the good guys through and through (the Bible quoting blind priest is shown to be a heroic martyr! to truth!).

About the only part that doesn’t jive with reality is that one of the “hidden” messages turns out to be “marry and reproduce.” The message actually should have been “fornicate and abort.”

Carpenter ostensibly made the film to criticize “Reaganomics” but the reality is that it tears modern (((globalism))) a new one.

Put the glasses on.